What is Papel?

  • El Papel is a unique and intimate workshop for stationers and aspiring papermakers. It provides teaching as well as hands-on experience to help artists learn more about the art of paper and papermaking. This will be the first papermaking and stationery workshop of it’s kind. It is tailored in the art of making paper, styling it, and learning how to photograph it using the basics of light and composition to create impactful imagery.

WHERE & When?

  • El Papel will be held in Comfort, Texas just West of San Antonio on Katie’s family estate.

  • Dates / Evening of Monday, April 15 through the morning of April 18, 2019

  • You will need to make your own travel arrangements. We are located 40 min from the San Antonio airport along the Guadalupe River.

  • Your camera or smart phone (don’t forget chargers, batteries and memory cards). Please ensure that you know how to properly use your camera or smart phone as we will not be instructing how to use your device.

  • Anything specific. Keep in mind, we will have ample pieces from Saint Signora and prop boards to choose from. However, if there was something specific you wanted please bring it along (ie a favorite ink or pen, perhaps an objet you favor).

  • Any writing utensils, inks, and objects you would specifically like to work with please bring along. We will not be supplying nibs or pens.

  • Boots to forage and make paper with. The majority of the workshop will be held out of doors and we will be exploring a bit for flat lays and making paper (you’ll get wet) so please bring adequate clothing and shoes to accommodate this experience. I tend to favor Hunter Wellies, but any will do!

  • Apron for handling paper. Pulp can get messy!

WHAT to bring?

  • No, sorry. El Papel is intended for those who already have at a working knowledge of calligraphy and stationery design. If you are unsure of whether this workshop would be a good fit, please email me and I will be happy to assist.

WIll you be teaching calligraphy or stationery design?

  • Yes! You will have a demonstration prior to creating your own set of papers. We will also be speaking to you on different methods of making the paper, drying, and the best tools to use as a beginner in the papermaking world.

Will i get to make my own paper?

  • Yes! All meals will be provided. Please list any allergies or dietary restrictions in the form prior to checkout. We do have a couple of surprises planned out for you (this is about having fun as well as learning after all!).

Will meals be included?

  • All registration is final and non-refundable. However, we may consider a substitution/transfer under a case by case basis.

Do you offer refunds?