The Workshop





Papel was born from a lover and creator of handmade paper. It is for those who love paper…the texture, the uniqueness, the art of it. It’s a workshop that was born from a desire to fabricate original education for makers, calligraphers, and stationers who want to further their artistry with the tools needed to strengthen and convey cohesive messages within their brand. Papel is designed to assist those who wish to learn more about the craft of handmade papermaking, curating and styling paper, and finally a stationer’s perspective on photographing one’s work. The workshop is held in the serene setting of the Texas Hill Country where we will be exploring, sourcing, creating, and learning along the banks of the Guadalupe River. This is a workshop devised to help one convey their voice in their work through new skills and perspective.




Your investment includes the following

Evening of April 15th 2019 - Morning of April 18th 2019

  • Breakfast crafted each morning from the local bakery served with their refined coffee brew.

  • Luncheon and dinner with little surprises along the way.

  • Accommodation for the duration of the workshop in either a shared room or single room.

  • Welcome dinner along the Guadalupe River.

  • Local wine and cheese tasting on last full day.

  • Departing breakfast.

  • Two full days of lecture, observation, and hands-on exercises.

  • Comprehensive lecture by Katie and Stephanie all about paper, how to make your own paper, and the tools we have found work best for us.

  • Sourcing items for your flat lays, and how to photograph your work properly to elevate your eye and brand.

  • Creating a suite of stationery in your own hand using the paper you create and what we have supplied.

  • Flat lay styling session with Katie in which she will demonstrate how to lay out a suite of paper and the elements needed to create an eye-catching image.

  • Attendees will have access to our curated selection of styling props and backgrounds from Heirloom Bindery and Photo Surfaces. They will use these to style and photograph their own work they have created at Papel for their portfolio images.

  • A 20 minute consult with Katie regarding your branding and portfolio review.

  • Online lecture with Sara from Wedding Sparrow to discuss social media and marketing your imagery and brand.

  • A short lecture with Kayla from Kayla Barker Photography about working with a photographer and a wedding photographer’s perspective on photographing your own work as a stationer.

  • A bio image taken by Kayla Barker for your website

  • A carefully curated welcome gift featuring the following

    • French Market Tote

    • Leather Artist Kit and bits from Saint Signora

    • Wax Seal from Signora e Mare

    • Signora e Mare handmade paper editorial set

    • Styling ribbon from FrouFrou Chic.

    • Papermaking mould and deckle from Share Studios

    • Share Studios handmade paper editorial set

***Workshop is non-transferable and non-refundable including any and all payments. Your total investment is $3500.00 (+ processing fees) for two and half days (unless sharing a room, please see pricing above) and includes ALL food, accommodations, and necessary tools to hone the art of paper styling and making paper.

Please note :Due to the instructive and intimate nature of this workshop, space is limited.



The practice of making paper is an ancient art that was born around A.D. 105 when the first paper mill was created. With Papel, we will be taking this historic invention and applying it to our modern era. Katie and Stephanie will touch on the characteristics and technical aspects of paper- from forming and drying sheets to creating the coveted deckled edge as well as discussing the necessary tools needed in a papermaker’s workshop. You will also observe Stephanie form sheets of paper and demonstrate the proper techniques before you create your own sheets with the tools provided. This is the perfect, comprehensive introduction into the world of papermaking.


Cauliflower and Kale Soup



There is an art to arranging objects. Every image tells a story and a masterfully told one is done with intention…with a rhythm of motion. This is what we will discuss in this portion of the workshop along with how to frame, negative space, and motion to develop strong images that encapsulate the heart of your brand and convey a cohesive message. It’s just as important to know the middle of the story as it is the beginning and the end. Styling is the juicy middle of your story. You’ll begin by observing Katie setup for a flat lay shoot and watch how she styles and documents the process for her social media and brand to reinforce her aesthetic. You will then work to create your own version with the paper and stationery you have created on the beautiful backdrops provided by Heirloom Bindery and Photo Surfaces.



What you’ll learn

As we mentioned above, there are three parts to telling a visual story, and this is the end. Photography is an important skill as a stationer and calligrapher. There may have been (or will be) times when you have not received images of your stationery or the quality was not what you were expecting. It is important to understand the photography process so you can capture your work in moments such as these as well as convey your brand message. If you don’t own a camera, not to worry, a smart phone will do. The key is : how you use it. We will discuss honing your aesthetic through framing, balance, and light. You’ll begin by observing Katie setup for a flat lay shoot and watch how she styles and documents the process for her social media and brand to reinforce her aesthetic. You will then work to create your own version with the paper and stationery you have forged on the beautiful backdrops provided by Heirloom Bindery and Photo Surfaces.

In addition, Kayla Barker, a fine art wedding photographer, will also give a brief talk regarding working and collaborating with a wedding photographer, as well as her insight on stationers photographing their work. Kayla focuses in the film medium and is known for her beautiful light-filled imagery.

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing



Chosen for its unique location and picturesque beauty, this 25 acre estate has a long and rich Texas history. From dinosaur tracks that reveal themselves in the Guadalupe River bank to the Texas Ranger who once owned this beautiful land, you’ll find a bounty of interests. Located on what is known as the “Crown Jewel of the Texas Hill Country”or the Guadalupe River, the Decker Estate offers a splendid view to those who visit. The history of this property dates back to before the 1840s to a man in Austin who then sold it to John C. Hays in 1841. Better known as Captain Jack Hays of the Texas Rangers, Hays brought worldwide fame to the Rangers during trying times with the Comanches in the 1840s. Captain Hays left his mark on the estate with the build of two cabins that Rangers used while surveying, chasing outlaws, and Comanches from the early to mid 1840s.

We have no doubt that you too will enjoy the beauty of the land and the emerald glint of the river.